Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Time for my first BLOG CANDY give away!

Today is my brother's birthday - he's turning the big 3-7...

Randy & I at a Vancouver Canucks game a couple of years ago....

...since I'm the oldest I won't make any cracks about Randy's age. I can't believe how fast the years go...and it drives me crazy when everyone tells me they'll go even FASTER the older we get - YIKES! Honestly, it seems like just yesterday that Randy and I were building forts in the woods, climbing trees (and getting STUCK at the very top!)...or, riding our bikes (me feelin' cool with my groovy banana seat and fancy decorations on the wheel spikes) - we each even had siren's and microphones on our bikes (which I'm SURE the neighbors just loved...). Yup. Good times. As we grew up and got all adult-like with homes, bills, work, partners and such we still made time for one another (even if we had a brother-sister fight and he drove me crazy. Not that I ever drove HIM crazy. I'm too sweet and adorable for that...right?). Anyhow. I digress. Randy and I made time for Saturday morning garage sales. I'd get up early and drive over to my brother's house and he'd be waiting with the coffee on and he'd be flippin' pancakes for me. Delish! He makes damn fine pancakes, lemme tell ya. Then we'd hop in his fancy-pancy car (what can I say - he loves his toys) and off we'd go - me with the classifieds & pen in hand, we were off to find our treasures. Often we came home with items we didn't REALLY need but just HAD to buy because the price was soooo gooood! But we really scored when we would find fishing tackle, cookbooks, just the right piece of furniture, cookbooks, fruit juicers (used only ONCE! I found out why. They're a pain in the buttintsky to clean. I put it in my own garage sale the following year!), CD's & DVD's, tupperware, camping gear and more cookbooks. I obviously have another addiction besides stamping. Cooking. And cookbooks. OK - back to Randy. It's his birthday and I love him and I miss him. He's back home (on Vancouver Island) and I wish I could be with him and my family to celebrate. Not to mention to also claim my slice of his DQ ice-cream cake....
So instead I will celebrate with YOU by giving away a STAMP SET! The stamp set is "Botanical Blooms" from the Sale-a-Bration promotion - and this fabulous stamp set is no longer available.

For your chance to win this blog candy, simply leave me a comment and let me know if you're enjoying my new blog and if so, what you like about it. Any suggestions appreciated too! The comments must be received & posted on this entry by April 10th and the winner will be chosen with the help of random.org.



  1. Hi Tina

    Love the Blog.....check it everyday...I just can't wait to see what you put on here next.....you have great links to other sites too !
    I have been trying to do my spring cleaning in my house.........but I sit down and start checking your Blog and NO SPRING CLEANING IS GETTING DONE ! LOL

    I really like the pictures of the items you make..........so inspiring..........you never know what you are going to see.....so exciting............love it...
    Keep on Bloging !!!!!!!!!

    Cindy (Inky)

  2. Tina,
    Today is Matthew birthday also. He is 11 today. You are right time passes toooooo fast.
    I love that you and your brother are so close. I pray that Matthew and Ashley will be close in 30 years. The only free gift in life is love....the more you give the better you feel.
    I'm sure you are missing your family today, but know that I am blessed because of your friendship.
    Tell your brother happy birthday from us.....
    Keep up on the great blog...I love your great ideas.

  3. "a comment"....isnt' that what your email said for a chance to win a free set of stamps?

    But now that I'm here, let me say that your blog is super-duper just like you! Love getting your emails, love your jest for life, and how excited you can get....it keeps the rest of us moving along on those downer days...not that I've have many lately, I keep telling everyone I'm on cloud nine and not coming down for anyone or anything! Take care Tina, keep up the awesome job....I now have this blog added to my favorites!


  4. Tina, I must say your blog is like a sunny day! And we need all the sun we can get in these parts! I love how you've incorporated your love of Stampin'/Crafting with Cooking!
    Oh and I love cookbooks too, the older the better! My favorite gift last year was an old cookbook of my grandmother's from the 40's! I just added your blog to mine as I have a lot of friends that I think would really like your blog.

  5. You have one of the most attractive blogs I have ever seen....It's like a breath of fresh sping air!!! I just got into bloging myself a few weeks ago, but I am not very good at it...lol!!! Love the music!!!!
    Take care

  6. Hey Tina, I have to retire so that
    I have more (any) time to stamp and do all my other hobbies. I love your blog and check it out a couple of times a week. I would like to have more time to do the neat things on the site. Hoppy Easter to you and Russell
    Shelly Burke and Jim too.
    PS I really like the BIG SHOT!!

  7. Hey Tina.... your blog is very pretty, and funny of course haha.... I wish I started reading sooner, now I have a lot of catching up to do, oh well it will give me womething to do when I'm done with these textbooks!!! Can't wait to get back to stampin & scrappin with you and all the girls!

  8. Hey Tina,

    I love your blog...I often log on just to listen to your music. But what really keeps me coming back are your reflective thoughts. I especially enjoyed your birthday ode to your lil' brother. I too had a banana seat on my old purple bike and thought I was the coolest kid on the block. Your site is a one stop shop...blogging, stampin' and the coolest music ! As I type i'm listening to Elvis...man I love the King!!!


  9. I just found your blog so i'm not sure what it looked like before but it looks great now! You produce some really great looking projects and I think i'm going to try that recipe for french baguettes. I'm putting you in my reader so I can keep up to date with your stuff! Keep up the great work and go canucks go ;)

  10. Hey Tina, luv the blog page. Very nice layout. Just started stampin this month for the first time. Really enjoyed stampin and meeting all the girls. Had a blast. Looking forward to next month. Here's to stampin.