Sunday, 9 August 2009

Start'em Young!

My niece, Desi, stampin' her little heart out.
(*Note how she already uses the Stampin' Scrub and Mist, like an 'ole pro)

Hi Gang! I want to share some photos with you that my Mom sent to me. Mom is currently living in California as her husband, Mike, is working there. For those of you that don't know, my Mom recently became a Stampin' Up! demonstrator (WOO HOO) and her cards are fabulous! She and Mike are also taking care of my nieces (Jenna's girls), Madeline and Desi - and they LOVE to stamp! (It runs in the family! Jenna is also SUPER creative and talented so it's no surprise to me that Madeline and Desi also like to craft, draw, stamp, paint, etc). It's just so fun, relaxing and calming. That's why I think it's so important to set aside a bit of time in our hectic lives to breathe in deeply, centre ourselves, grab a box of chocolates, some ink pads, paper, stamps and get at it! Of course, Dazzling Diamonds are mandatory and most necccessary, as they are the key to peace and contentment. I just know y'all agree.

Ok - on the pictures. Enjoy!

First I have to brag and show off my sweet nieces:

Madeline and Desi

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Mom has a bunch of turkeys for neighbors...

Desi and Madeline (and friend) are amazed at the wild life in front of their house.

How crazy hey? Imagine opening YOUR front door and seeing this? Nutso. Then again, dinner.

Here's some of my Mom's creations:

Mom made me this card to congratulate me on the Hospice Shoppe - my jaw DROPPED when I opened the envelope. This card is simply STUNNING!

My Uncle Allan's father recently passed away, so Mom sent him this card. Very nice. Superb coloring. I'm not sure if Mom used Watercolor Pencil Crayons or what - I'll let you know once I find out...

Mom made this for my Uncle Steve's birthday - she said it took her an hour just to fold the tie! I believe it! LOL Looks tricky, but the final result is fabulous! Also note the buttons. Mom picked up a tip online to take slivers of cardstock and simply use them instead of thread! Just adhere them with a glue dot behind the button and now you've got some serious coordination going on with your card! LOVE IT!

I really like how Mom used some DSP on the inside of her card.

Speaking of DSP (Designer Series Paper) - I'm starting to use it a lot more on my cards and I am totally diggin' it. Super fast way to jazz up a card. Don't forget the Diamonds! I made this card for my friend and stampin' buddy, Rhonda.


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