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Stamp Cleaning 101 & Sneak Peek/Mist Technique

Howdy Everyone!  Happy Wednesday!

Today I'd like to talk to you about cleaning your stamps.  This was a job I used to DETEST!  Long before Stampin' Up! entered my Universe, I would pile my stamps on a cookie sheet and when the pile got so high that it would begin to topple, I would then tackle the job of cleaning them.  And what a mess I'd make.  I would carry the cookie sheet, with the mountain of stamps, into the bathroom, grab an old toothbrush and a rag and proceed to clean each stamp - spraying ink all over the sink and counter!  It was such a tedious job too.  Then along came Stampin' Up! and my life was enriched immeasurably {smile}.  Enter the "Stampin' Scrub".  Oh my, what a Godsend!  Spray a little stampin' mist on one side of the scrub, wipe your stamp clean, then dry your stamp on the clean scrub on the opposite side. Quick! Easy! No mess!  HAPPY DAYS!  Which brings me to the next sad little topic:  Stampin' Scrub BACK ORDER.   Yup - Stampin' Scrubs - my favorite Stampin' Buddy - is still on back order.  Ugh.

For those of you that aren't aware, here's what happened.  This past November Stampin' Up! offered an INCREDIBLE deal - 50% off our Starter Kits!  These kits are already of AMAZING VALUE so 50% was a never-heard-of-before deal!  This offer was only valid for two weeks, with the goal of recruiting 5,000 new demonstrators (to reach Stampin' Up!'s goal of 10,000 new demonstrators in 2010 - which we surpassed!).  Instead of 5,000 though, more than 15,000 new demonstrators took advantage of the promotion! WOWSERS! I still can't get my head around that number.  The company that manufactures our Stampin' Scrubs obviously wasn't prepared for such a huge surge of Stampin' Scrubs (normally included with our Starter Kits) and was not able to obtain the material required to make so many.  Hence the back order.  Yikes!  Here's the latest update from Stampin' Up! regarding the Stampin' Scrubs:

Due to supplier material issues, the following items remain unavailable; however, we are working diligently to provide these products again as soon as possible. 
102642: Stampin' Scrub and 101230: Stampin' Scrub Refill Pads
We are replenishing our supplies and once our inventory is ready, these items will be available for regular orders. As this process may take several more weeks, we appreciate your continued patience.

So in the meantime, HOW do you clean your stamps?  And how do you do it so that it's not a job you'll dislike as much as I did before I got the Stampin' Scrub?  Here's some ideas from demonstrators that were shared on our discussion board:

  • I just use an old washcloth and spray it with the stampin mist then wipe it dry on a cloth of flannel.  Works fine and stores easily.
  • I suggest the stampin' mist and suggest paint edgers.  They are made of very similar material as the stampin' scrub. 
  • Use baby wipes that are scent and  alcohol free. The ones with alcohol clean the stamps great, but really dry them out.
  • I also have used baby wipes as well as the paint "pads" from the paint store. Saturating a paper towel with Stampin' Mist works well too especially if you have the time to just let the stamp sit on the paper towel for a few seconds, then I tap it dry on another paper towel. (or my jeans when I'm by myself)
  • I clean my stamps with Stazon cleaner, then wipe with alcohol-free wipes.
  •  Use clean, old socks to clean your stamps!  When I use the Stampin' Mist directly on the stamp, then wipe off/stamp off with the sock, VOILA! No mess. :) And the socks wash over and over.

Take note:  no matter how you clean your stamps, be careful NOT get water between the rubber and the wood, as the adhesive will get wet and the rubber image will begin to come off.  You also don't want to get your wood blocks too wet as the wood can start to warp. And while the Stampin' Scrub is currently unavailable, I strongly recommend that you still have some Stampin' Mist on hand. Over time the rubber will dry out and crack whereas the Stampin' Mist cleans and conditions the rubber.  

Finally, if you don't have the Stampin' Scrub, you're really going to want one once they become available again and I'll be sure to let you know the minute they're back. They are so convenient and easy to use. In the meantime, I hope the above cleaning tips help you!  And just for a little inspiration, check out this great technique that uses the STAMPIN' MIST! (Thanks to Diana Gibbs, who shared this idea at Convention 2010)

Cast of characters

Sponge classic ink onto Whisper White card stock (I'm using Not Quite navy)

 Ink up your stamp (Medallion is shown here) with Versamark

 Next, spritz Stampin' Mist over the layer of Versamark

 Lay your card stock (which as been sponged with ink) on to your stamp - this is how I use the big background stamps.

Cover a scrap piece of paper and rub, rub - this ensures complete coverage with the background stamps.

Voila! Look what's happened! As it dries the image will become more pronounced too.  Here's the card I made using the mist technique:

 I used 'The Open Sea' stamp set that will be available May 1st in the Summer Mini - I LOVE LOVE LOVE this stamp set!

Here's anther card I made, using Upsy Daisy and the new 'Four Frames' set and 'Paisley Petals' DSP featured in the "Spring is Blossoming" promotion which ends April 30th:

The sentiment is from Teeny Tiny Wishes.


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