Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holiday Mini Countdown is on!

Nine SEVEN days until the Holiday Mini!  I lost a couple of days somehow!  LOL  Hey! Did you know that every day until September 1st I'll be posting SNEAK PEEK projects of new product from the Holiday Mini?  I'm also posting SNEAK PEEKS on my Serene Stamper Facebook Page!!!  Here's today's adorable SNEAK PEEK, created by Vicki Burdock:
(Click photo to view larger)
So darn cute that I just HAVE to show you another one!
 Check out the moustaches on them thar pumpkins! Oh my gosh! LOVE this stamp set!  And Vicki made a third treat holder that I've just GOT to show ya too!

Who wouldn't LOVE to get one of these treats for Halloween???? WOW!  Teachers would go crazy for these little candy holders!  Think about craft fairs! Church bizaares! Fund-raisers! Place settings! Whooo-waaah - just imagine the possibilities!

Do you want to see a whole bunch of  
products from the  
2011 Holiday Mini 
before it's even available to the public?  

  • Want to PLAY with the new stamp sets, big shot dies, DSP, glitter, and MORE?  Want to be the first to get these items in your hands before anyone else?  
  • How would you like to get a 40% discount off one of the new Christmas Big Shot dies? 
  • Want to have a chance to WIN a FREE stamp set from the Holiday Mini? 
If you answered a resounding "YES!!! Me! Me! I do!!!" then YOU need to come to my Holiday Mini SNEAK PEEK Event!!!  
Click HERE for the details ~ you won't want to miss out!!!  

I'm off to finish cutting the lawn.  We could be feeling the effects of Hurricane Irene this weekend, with lots of wind and rain, so I want to get our lawns lookin' good before they turn into the Amazon.  I've also been picklin' up a storm! 
So far I've made 50lbs worth of pickles as well as some chutneys and jams and I'm on a roll with lots more.  I love canning.  It's a lot of work but soooo worth it - especially as you're munchin' on dills that you made yourself, or pickled beets that came out of your garden.

I also love making recipes that have been passed down - it adds a touch of serendipity to the canned goods.  My favourite pickled onions are made from a recipe that belonged to my Step-Mom's paternal Grandma.  My (step) Mom, who passed away last summer, loved canning too, so I grew up on homemade pickles & jams and her recipes are now held near and dear to my heart.  Her 'Chop-Suey' relish (which is also my Grandma Zinck's recipe) is AWESOME on everything from grilled cheese to crackers.  My best friend, Hedi, gave me her recipe for Salsa that is to die-for! When I lived back home in BC, Hedi and our friend Trish used to get together each fall and make Antipasto.  YUM and FUN all rolled into one!
My Mom (who is a SU demo in Oklahoma) just sent me a recipe for a green tomato relish that she says is the BEST relish she has ever eaten and the recipe is really old - it was passed on to her from a friend. I can't wait to try it!
 Mom & I at Convention last month - we had a blast! Both of us are already planning our next trip to Convention in 2012!  I LOVE that Mom's a demonstrator too!

I also have a 'Ketchup aux Fruits' recipe that was given to me years ago, from my friend Cecile, when I lived in Montreal.  Tourtiere is positively gourmet with some of this homemade ketchup on it!  I barely spoke French at the time and Cecile knew no English but we LOVED our visits together and I remember her teaching me how to make this.  Cecile has since passed away and my Ketchup aux Fruits recipe is still in my recipe box, on Jean Coutu  note paper, written in French, in Cecile's handwritting. Very special.

Ok - the lawn's a-callin'.  Must scoot.

Have a marvellous day and HAPPY STAMPING!

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