Sunday, 28 August 2011

SNEAK PEEK! 4 days until the Holiday Mini!

Hi Everyone! I hope you're having a GREAT weekend?  Yesterday my Sweetheart and I popped into the VV Boutique (one of our favourite treasure hunting places, "Value Village").  We always tend to gravitate to the book section.  We LOVE books!  We have books in every room of the house.  We actually have plans to building two floor to ceiling book cases in our living room and another in the upstairs foyer.  I have always found that being surrounded by books makes a room/house feel cozy.  Is that strange?  Books seem like old friends to me, and give a sense of comfort.  I love curling up in a quiet little spot with a good book to read or flip through while sippin' a cuppa somethin' delicious.  DH and I have been known to spend HOURS in little out-of-way book stores too.  Once, in Halifax, we litterally spent the afternoon scouring all the books in this little book shop:

Books were piled up EVERYWHERE! We'd never seen anything like it! LOL  There were about three levels, I think, to store and we found lots of neat books that were fun to look through.  OK, back to yesterday... Along with the armful of books we bought, two of them are vegetarian cookbooks.  I'm not a vegetarian, but I've been finding myself making more meatless meals lately and incorporating new foods into our diets (like quinoa, spelt, coconut butter, etc).  These books look amazing and I can't wait to try the recipes! I'll be sure to post any recipe that is a 'winner' on my recipe page on this blog so that you can try it too!

Are you ready for today's  
SNEAK PEEK from the Holiday Mini?  
Check it out:

SaaaWEEETTT or what????? Oh my gosh!!! I don't have this stamp set and after seeing this card, I totally have to get it now! Doncha just LOVE it??  This SNEAK PEEK card was created by Lisa Foster.

I'm going scoot and get myself another cup of coffee.  It's a nice quiet morning so far ~ we're supposed to get some heavy winds and rain later today though.  Perfect day for STAMPING!  YAY! That's exactly what I'm going to be doing as I am getting ready for my Holiday Mini Sneak Peek Event tomorrow! I am so excited about this event! I have lots of great ladies coming and everyone will be creating SIX make and takes using product from the Holiday Mini! They are going to fall head of heals in love with EVERYTHING! 

Enjoy the day and HAPPY STAMPING!

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