Monday, 15 August 2011

Wisteria and convention shares!

Hi everyone! I hope you had a nice weekend with all that SUNSHINE! I had a fun weekend - it was my birthday yesterday!  I celebrated it quietly with my DH, who spoiled me (he bought me a laptop so I can use My Digital Studio anywhere now!) and then we hopped in the truck and enjoyed cruising the scenic backroads of this beautiful province.  

We also stopped at some local nurseries and I bought some gorgeous fall arrangements for our veranda as well as a rose shrub, a bleeding heart and a Blue Moon wisteria.  I am most excited about the wisteria because I was told they don't grow in the Atlantic provinces.  I once had the most AMAZING wisteria back home in British Columbia and nothing compares to those gorgeous grape-like clusters that add so much charm & fragrance to a home.  It's always been one of my favourites.  In fact, I'll share a blast from the past with you:
This is when I worked for the airlines (one of my most fav. jobs of all times) - see my wisteria? It took almost 3 years before it bloomed and then it really took off!!!  So let's hope the wisteria I bought yesterday settles into my garden nicely and soon graces our house with it's elegant blooms.  One thing I didn't bring home from the nursery was the lil' critter residing on the wisteria...

..have you EVER seen a caterpillar like THAT?  I haven't. 

 Look at those bizarre spike on the caterpillar's back! It also had a long tail.  I searched the internet to find out what kind of caterpillar this is, but to no avail. 

DH (DH stands for 'Dear Hubby', by the way) and I got home a bit later than planned but we had such a great day.  We spent the evening by enjoying some drinks on our veranda and I even brought out my guitar.  Soon a friend of ours popped in and treated us to his guitar playing and songs too.  Such a nice way to end the day!

Night photos never seem to come out very well - at least not for this novice photographer.  But here's a photo of what our veranda and flowers look like during the day:
I just realized that hollyhocks are bi-annuals, much to my disappointment! I'm going to have to buy some hollyhock plants next spring so that the seeds I plant will keep the hollyhocks coming up year after year - I am seriously in LOVE with these flowers!!

I'll leave you with some inspiration from Convention.  As mentioned in an earlier post, I took HUNDREDS of photos!  So I'll be sharing them with you over time.  Enjoy! (Click on the photos to view larger)


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