Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Retired List is here!

Hi Everyone! Stampin' Up! has released the list of Stamp sets that will be retiring forever.  As I mentioned in my previous post, this years list is BIGGER than ever! Check out yesterday's post for more details on why the list is so big.

These stamps are on a first come first serve basis - so once they're sold out, there won't be any more.  Don't wait to get your favourites - check your wish lists and grab the stamps that have been WAITING for you to take them home.  They don't want to retire in Cuba! NO! They want to retire at YOUR HOUSE!  This retired list is good until the end of May, or while supplies last.

A little tip:  each year when the retired list comes out, I pour myself a nice drink (yes, I may need to make it a stiff one...ahem), and I grab my highlighter pen and my catalogue, print off the retired list and climb into my  comfy chair. Then I go through the catalogue and highlight everything that's retiring.  It takes time to do this, but it's so convenient to have it done, to be able to flip through the catalogue and see at a glance what's retiring.

Are you wondering about the accessories? The retired list for these will come out April 25th.  Stampin' Up!, being the amazing and thoughtful company that they are, didn't want to bombard us all at once.

Now where's my highlighter ...? (And remember, it's 5 o'clock somewhere...).

Stamping makes the heart happy!
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  1. Oh my, you were right. That's a ton of stamps and definitely some that we're on my wish list.Now I need to figure out which ones I can't live without.