Friday, 1 November 2013

Serene Silhouettes in Northern Lights

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Happy Friday and Happy November 1st!  I woke up to heavy winds (gusts up to 90km/hr), lots of rain and a positively balmy 14'.  So bizarre, considering it was -4 yesterday morning and I had to wear gloves to decorate for Halloween.  Speaking of which, here's some pictures our house, all ready for the trick and treaters:

Spooky hey?  Dontcha just love those cat eyes? We didn't have many kids at all, which was a shame (though hubby is quite happy to have all the left over candy).  Turns out the local elementary school up the road was having a 'trunk and treat' (or something to that effect).  The parents just line up their cars, open their trunks with all the candy, and the kids just go from car to car.  Ok, maybe it's just me, but this is not Halloween.  There is no fun in that? Our neighbourhood is a safe one, where everyone knows everyone, so it's not like something terrible happened.  I don't understand this.  I have so many good memories of getting dressed up, grabbing my pillow case and hitting the road with my brother and our friends.  One year my brother went as a mummy, completely wrapped from head to toe in toilet paper - which was great until the rain started.  That was FUNNY.  He had to go home and switch to Darth Vader with a garbage bag for a cape and his mask.  I also remember our favourite trick and treat house was so scary we only went the door once for candy - most years we were too scared to go up their (small) driveway because of the creepy music they played.  And the best part of night was going to our neighbor's house for her delicious popcorn balls - man, were they ever GOOD!  Then Randy (my brother) and I would dump all of our candy on the living room floor for our parents to check over before we could eat any.  The rest of it was rationed out by our mom, in our school lunches.  I'm not much of a sweets eater, and my candy could easily last until Christmas.  My brother, on the other hand, could have his wolfed down in an hour! (And who would be the one to get the cavities?  Not him.)  And no Halloween was ever complete without a trip to the Marina for hot chocolate, hot dogs and fireworks.  So I have lots of great memories of Halloween and was saddened last night to hear about the new 'trunk and treat' tradition.  I'll be honest, I'm glad I was a kid back in the 70's - wayyyy more FUN, in my honest opinion!  LOL

Today's card is one I've been dying to try since I first saw it on Pinterest.  It's a fabulous technique called "Northern Lights" by Melissa Banbury and you can see her excellent video tutorial HERE.

Here's my card, using Serene Silhouettes, which I embossed in black:

You've got to give this technique a try - it's a lot of fun!

Click to view larger.

To view and/or to purchase supplies used, click here.


Best Of 25 Years

was released today and it's terrific:
Best Of Snow Clear-Mount Stamp Set #134387
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Cute or what????? And those little hedgehogs bring back some great memories from when I began my journey with Stampin' Up!!  I can't wait to get this sweet set!

I'll be at the Holiday Sale tomorrow with all kinds of hand stamped items for your gift giving needs this season - hope to see you there!


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