Friday, 27 June 2014

Keeping it Real with Renos and Rhubarb!

Hi Friends! I can't believe it's been a week since my last post - egads!  But you see, I've not been able to stamp anything new for you...I'm still busy getting my Stampin' Studio painted and sorted out.  It's certainly a work in progress.  Hubby and I have to move the washing machine out of there so that I will have more room for shelves and storage.  And right now I've literally moved as much of my craft and stamping paraphernalia over to one side of the room so that I can finish painting the ceiling.  I am bound and determined to have everything in it's spot and have my room in working order by this weekend.  I thought I'd take a few photos this morning so that you can see what a crazy mess I'm working in at the moment:

See?  I wasn't kidding about it being in a state of chaos! But I have big plans for this room! And I am so excited about how it will all look when it's done.

I've also been super-duper busy this past week helping some of my "Serene Stampers" promote and also getting last minute sales that I need to earn the Grand Vacation from Stampin' Up! to Hawaii!  To earn this amazing trip you have to have 54,000 points/sales during the Stampin' Up! year (which runs from July to June) so I've only got until Monday to do it!  I've never come so close to earning the Grand Vacation just before the deadline - it's a been a bit nerve wracking, I can tell ya! LOL  While I haven't yet bought a bikini I think it may be in the cards!!!  I'll let you know on Monday!

Now on to the 'rhubarb' part of this post!  Both my hubby and I love rhubarb so when moved I dug up a bunch of it to transplant into the garden at our new home.  I also cut a bunch before I dug it up so that it could be put in the freezer for future deserts.  A couple of weeks ago our mail lady, Mandy, spotted our rhubarb plants when she stopped by with our mail.  Turns out she loves rhubarb too!  Next thing I knew I found Mandy's recipe for her Rhubarb Strudel in our mailbox - and it was delicious!  So I tucked one of my favourite recipes for Rhubarb Crumble inside of a card (hand stamp, with the smack down technique!) and put that in the mailbox.  So now Mandy and I are having fun sharing recipes via our mailbox - so now I get excited when I see the red flag up because I just never know what I might find!  Here is Mandy's recipe, which I created using MDS and the Orchard Harvest Recipe Book download:

I put my recipe for Rhubarb Crumble on my recipe page (click the recipes tab at the top).

The walk to and from our mailbox, by the way, is about 40 minutes from our house! That's how long our driveway is! But it's a lovely walk, nothing but the sounds of birds and nature.  I love it here (so do our hounds! LOL).
 It may take 20 minutes to walk each way from our house to our mailbox, but it's sure a pretty walk!

 The blueberries are already starting to make an appearance! If you look real close you can see the little green balls of fruit - they should be ready mid-August.

Walking back to our house, which is now hidden amongst the lush, green trees.

 This is the view from the swing in front of our home ~ it doesn't get much better than this!

Have a wonderful weekend! It's a long weekend here for us, with Canada Day on July 1st.  So I'll be sure to make something yummy with rhubarb to celebrate! I hope you enjoy the recipes too!

Enjoy the day and HAPPY STAMPING!

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