Saturday, 20 December 2014

My Christmas Cards This Year with Video

View from the swing in our front yard, this morning.

Five days until Christmas! WOW! Can't believe it. But I'm enjoying the holiday season, albeit a busy one.  Here are some photos I've taken over the last couple of days:

I added greenery to the windows of our house and the Merry Christmas sign is a cherished gift from a friend who made it for us last year!
Our guest cottage
Our blueberry fields, covered in snow.
The swing is my favourite place, any time of day or season, I'm on it each chance I get, to enjoy the view!
Watching the sunrise this morning...

View from our front yard
Our living room.
The Christmas tree smells divine!
Love our quilted table runner, a gift from a dear friend!
We had to remove the old wood cook stove as it wasn't CSA approved for insurance, so we're using this one until we can purchase something like THIS.  We actually have plans to renovate for an open concept kitchen next year which will incorporate the current living room. My style is very much old English country so I'm very excited - it's going to be lovely!  This kitchen is also way too small for the amount of cooking and entertaining that I like to do - but it's still sweet and cozy and snug!
I've been really having fun decorating our home, as it's our first  year here. This house has so much character to it, with the wood ceiling beams, wide plank floors and open fireplace.  We did take the mantle off to strip the paint - I'm really hoping it will be ready to go back up by Christmas Eve, so that I can hang our stockings for Santa!  I love stockings - they're one of my favourite traditions, which includes a Christmas orange in the toe and each little gift needs to be wrapped.  Stockings are so much fun. 

Every year, since I was a kid, I've made my own Christmas cards.  Last year was the first year ever that they didn't get done, much less sent. Last year wasn't a good year and if you recall we also had no electricity for a week, which included during Christmas. We actually made the best of it though - thank goodness for the old wood cook stove!  I made sure my cards were stamped and sent this year though.  I was up until 5am the other morning, getting them finished. So relieved to get them mailed (and very tired! LOL) but I had such a fun time making them. I put my music on, grabbed a drink, comfy pj's and got all inky and glittery - true signs of an artist, right? LOL At least that's the line I choose to use (instead of plain old 'messy'!)  I even managed to film how I made this year's cards, so if you usually get a card from me and don't want to see your card before you receive it, you probably shouldn't be reading today's post. *wink*

As I mentioned, I decided to take a couple of weeks off (though I'll probably have a post or two - in the meantime) so I'll be MIA for a bit.  But I'll also be playing with our new stamps and accessories coming out January 5th in our Occasions catalogue, so I suspect I'll be posting some sneak peeks for you! LOL

Merry Christmas!
I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and I wish you a New Year filled to the brim with love, light and laughter! xxoo

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  1. Sweet card. Lots of sparkle and shine. So, let me guess... your friends came by on a bear? Later this winter that might be the best way to get there. LOL
    Your house is gorgeous! And the grounds too. What a grand place to live! TFS,
    Merry Christmas, Jess