Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Wine or Liqueur Christmas Gift

Hi Friends! Today I'm sharing a fun way to dress up a bottle of wine or liqueur for a nice Christmas (or any time) gift.  Recently I had mentioned to a couple of my friends that my husband and I really enjoy Drambuie (a blend of aged Scotch whisky, heather honey, spices and herbs).  They were intrigued as they had never tried it before so I thought I'd get them a small bottle for Christmas (along with some yummy biscotti!).  If you've ever tried wrapping a bottle before, you know it can be a little tricky. But I've discovered a really easy and practical way to wrap bottles and other gifts too.

I can't recall the last time I purchased wrapping paper - I stopped using it when I realized it's not recyclable.  We used to get brown paper packing in with our Stampin' Up! orders so I'd smooth it out and fold it up until I needed to wrap a gift. Then I'd stamp it, wrap my gift and embellish - voila! A pretty present ready to go! Unfortunately our packing is no longer paper but bubble wrap instead - it's not so easy to wrap gifts with that! LOL

So my newest favourite way to wrap gifts is using decorative tea towels! It's like two gifts in one now! And there are so many fun ways to wrap presents using tea towels - just take a look on pinterest.  All of our pillow gifts at this year's Founder's Circle Retreat were wrapped with tea towels too - they were lovely! I actually used one of the towels we received for my friends gift today:

The tag was really easy to make and then I stamped onto the Natural Cotton ribbon, just to jazz it up.  To wrap the Drambuie I simply folded the towel in half (top to bottom) and then just rolled up the bottle (tightly). I used two straight pins to hold the seam together and the ribbon finished it off!

I added a package of homemade Christmas biscotti along with the Drambuie. I was really pressed for time but thanks to Stampin' Up! bags and tags, the treats were packaged up and ready to give out in no time!  I'll post some pictures, along with my recipe for the biscotti tomorrow.

Enjoy the day and HAPPY STAMPING!

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