Monday, 15 August 2016

The Joy of Handmade Cards

Hi Friends!  So I've just got to say, there REALLY IS something magical about receiving a card, especially a handmade one, in the mail. It just makes you feel so warm and fuzzy inside.  I've always said that I love making cards for others because not only is it fun to create something, but you can't help but think of the person you're making the card for. And it always puts a smile in your heart when you give your card to those you care about.  Yesterday was my birthday and I found a very special card waiting for me in my mailbox, from a very special person.  Just over a year ago I received a phone call from a lady by the name of Glenda Jansen, who lives in BC, and she was looking for a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.  I had been working in BC the previous Spring, so she had my BC phone number, not knowing of course that I had moved back to Nova Scotia a few months later. Well, we had a great chat on the phone and I assured her that I could still help with her orders and Stampin' Up! needs. Soon a friendship was born....

A definite perk of being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator are the friends you meet along the way!  Glenda and I began emailing and calling each other periodically and I even made sure we had time to meet for a cup of coffee at a Tim Hortons when I was back in BC last September. Glenda has become one of my best customers but more importantly, she has become someone I cherish too.  
This is the beautiful card Glenda made for me!
 Stamp Set: Touches of Textures (141934w / 143251 c) pg 141 & Rose Wonder (140697) pg 132

So, not only was I surprised that Glenda remembered when my birthday was, but I was also touched that she took the time to create a beautiful card for me too. So thank you, Sweet Lady, for making my day AND for the warm and fuzzy feeling too!  xx
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  1. Sweet card for someone so deserving! I love her choice of colors.