Saturday, 2 February 2019

My Lil' Stampin' & Craftin' Space!

Hi Friends! Last month I shared a video with you, with a short tour of my craft room. The title of the video is "Too Overwhelmed to Create?", which you can view here. Over the years I've heard many times from friends and customers alike that they are in a stamping/crafting slump or that they are too overwhelmed with all their stamps and supplies to create. I've had moments like this too.
What I've found that helps keep my creative mojo flowing is to have an organized space. Chaos doesn't work for me - although my desk certainly gets to the chaos stage once I get crafting! LOL I also like to have all my supplies in their 'spots', making them not only easy to find but accessible too. If you can't find something - or see something - it doesn't get used.  In my "Too Overwhelmed to Create" video I mentioned that my craft room was actually in the middle of being renovated. I had just ripped up the old shag carpet (hallelujah) and was in the process of painting the floors. I had already painted the dark 1970's wood panelling a couple of years ago but hadn't gotten to the floors yet. Here's what my room looked like a couple of weeks ago:

It took me two full days to really think about how I was going to set everything back up. It's not a big room, much smaller than the huge studio space at my last home, but I knew I could make it work. I couldn't be happier with the end result:

I received so many emails and comments after my last video with questions on how I organized my supplies, where I got my shelves, etc. Everyone has their own style of organizing and of course, where we craft and how much space we have is different for everyone. In my new video, it's my hope to show that you can have a fabulous organized craft room, using the furniture & the amount of space you've got. In other words, you don't need to go to IKEA and spend a small fortune. A few shelves, some clear containers and tubs and you'll have all that you need. It just takes a LOT of thought and consideration for where you want to store everything. Once you've taken the time to sort through your supplies and find happy homes for them I guarantee you won't feel so overwhelmed. I also know you'll come across stamps and other crafting items you may have forgotten you had and will feel a sense of renewed excitement to play with them! Create a place that is YOURS and where everything is easily accessible - remember to add some special touches too. A small vase of flowers, framed photos and plants all add a touch of cosiness that will make your crafting space your happy place.

Enjoy the day & HAPPY STAMPING!


  1. Hi Tina,
    Thanks for the inspiration. You did a great job on your room. I have 2 large bookshelves in my craft room that has my husband's old college books that he never uses and I just get aggravated because he won't get them out. These books have been on those shelves for 16 years and never touched. I tell him I sure could use those so I can make the room mine but he just won't budge.He tells me I have too much stuff so were even. Someday I hope to get those books out.

  2. Tina, you have such a wonderful space. It looks so fresh and clean. I spent four hours cleaning my stamp room and have any three to do at least. Our rooms certainly can get away on us. Your storage is very functional. I bought four small totes from Thirty One bags and stored all my newish SU CD cases. How functional now. I'm now inspired to stamp. Just as you called it.

  3. Anonymous: I hope you'll find a way to get some shelves - it sure helps with organizing your craft supplies. Good luck!

  4. Beth - thanks for your sweet comments, friend! Sounds like you've got a great space for stamping and crafting too. It sure makes a difference when our space is functional! xx

  5. We had purchased a small building that had been used as a granny suite. It had a small section of kitchen cupboards and countertop. We had used it for storage for years. I always dreamed of having it for crafting. My husband finally agreed and my scrapbooking friends helped me clear it out, clean it up and then fix it up. My husband built a wall to wall bookcase and put up another length of countertop. I wad so excited to have a Stampin' Up party as the grand opening of my She Shed. I am forever grateful to my scrapbooking friends and my husband. It truly is my happy place!