Friday, 5 July 2019

My trip to Vancouver Island!

Hi Friends! I have been on holidays and just got back to Nova Scotia, after two blissful weeks on Vancouver Island. It was so nice to be back in my home town of Comox, and to spend time with my family and friends. My sweetheart and I took time to enjoy the beaches, went fishing with my dad, relaxed and had a just 'go with the flow' vacation.  
Brian and I, getting ready to go fishing on the lake (above photo), with my dad.
My wonderful father, enjoying the gorgeous scenery and tranquillity of the lake. 
I absolutely LOVE fishing! We had gorgeous weather during our time out West, except for the two days we were going to go salmon fishing in Tahsis. We skipped that plan but at least got in a couple days catching trout!
One of the things I miss about Vancouver Island is the lush greenery and gardens. Filberg Estate and Park is the perfect place for a stroll to see many rare and exotic trees and plants from around the world:

We also had fun 'beachcombing' at the "Goose Spit", one of my very favourite places...

We also took in some sunshine at Bates Beach, looking for shells to bring back for souvenirs...

Mt. Washington is just a short drive from town, so we took advantage of the clear blue skies and sunshine to go and see the views from the mountain top:

One of the things Brian LOVES about Comox are all the deer everywhere - he's always amazed at how commonplace it is to see them. They're always walking through neighbourhoods, or in the yards munching on grass and laying down in the shade. Most residents in Comox with flowers and veg gardens have netting around to keep the deer from eating everything. Or, they just plant flowers and shrubs that they know the deer won't touch. 

 This buck is inspecting the new flower bed we just made in my dad's front yard.

After we got the plants in the new bed, my dad put in some stakes & wrapped a couple strings of fishing line on the top and bottom. The deer will feel it with their nose and then they back away from it, leaving all the flowers untouched!
There are so many deer in Comox that you will see signs like this along the roads:

The deer in Comox are so smart they even know how to use the crosswalks...

Our two weeks away went by so fast and we weren't able to see everyone that we wanted to, which is impossible to do in such a short time, so we'll plan on going longer next year. I took tons of photos and I can't wait to get them in my scrapbook. I recently read an article that stated that this is the most photographed generation of all time, yet in ten years they will have NO pictures. This is due to the fact that photos aren't being printed inevitably end up being deleted or lost. How sad is that? To read this article, click here. I am so glad that I print my photos and use our "Memories & More" products to preserve and enjoy them. 

Our beautiful "Comox Glacier", view from the 'back road' farms and fields.
This the view of the glacier along the road from Comox to Courtenay.
I took so many photos (as well as video clips), I thought I'd compile some of them into a short video to share with you.

I hope you enjoyed a little taste of the Comox Valley and some of my photos and memories from our trip!

I'll be creating new stamping videos for you next week. It feels like ages since my fingers have gotten inky and I can't wait to play with some new stamp sets. Until then, have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. thank You for the lovely video of your trip. loved everything about it. I lived in Nanaimo for about 20 years and loved it there. My grandfather was born in Cheticamp NS so when I do go there I feel at home. so thank You. also loved your BG music. love to You Sharon Stein

  2. Such a beautiful place that you're from! Also, loved the music that accompanied your video. What music is that? Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi May - thank you for your comment! The music is called the "Long Road Home" by Keven McLeod!

  4. Hi Sharon! I lived in Nanaimo for about a year when I was a kid, right by the beach next to the ferry! The island is just gorgeous no matter where you are, right? (As is our entire country!) xx

  5. Certainly looks like you had an outstanding time. It is nice that you could make it home. Thanks for sharing your photos.