Sunday, 22 September 2019

Vintage Christmas Cards with "Still Scenes" Stamp Set - VIDEO

Hi Friends!  I know it's only September but I can't stop making Christmas cards every chance I get. That's because of our new Stampin' Up! Holiday Catalogue, which is FULL of fabulous stamps and products and I just want to keep playing with them!

The card that I'm sharing with you today features our new "Still Scenes" stamp set. This stamp set comes with coordinating dies and you can make snow globe cards and all kinds, with this awesome bundle! To start though, I wanted to have a play with just the stamp set - I think it's simply stunning. Here's the first card that I made with "Still Scenes"....

I had such a fun time making this card and I felt the added glitter and sparkle made it feel old-fashioned and vintage - what do you think?

After I made this card, I showed it to my Honey and he promptly asked "You're going to make a video on that, right?" Well, I hadn't planned on it. Yet again, just a fun card that I made, with no intention of filming the process and even my GUY is suggesting a VIDEO! LOL

I pulled out my stamps, grabbed some gold foil card stock (instead of silver, which is what I used on my first card) and started filming. This card is truly a pleasure to make!

So, here it is, Saturday night (I'm posting this on Sunday) and I'm editing and uploading as we speak. I hope you enjoy this video tutorial (I do enjoy making them for you!)...

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  1. Outstanding card. I love the whole layout and the trim around the card. You are so talented Tina!

  2. Tina I get a little confused as I love watching your videos but can't always find you as sometimes it comes up as Tina Werner and sometimes Tina Zinc. I think you are both the same so maybe you have got married or something. I love learning the different techniques that you show. Thank you so much. Regards Janet Cross

    1. Hi Janet. "Weller" was my married name - I'm divorced now. Zinck - spelled with a 'c' and a 'k' - is my maiden name. If you just use "Tina Zinck" when you search for my videos, they will all come up, even when I was "Tina Weller". Hope that helps you.