Monday, 2 December 2019

Volunteering Always Warms My Heart!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a nice weekend! I spent most of the weekend decorating for Christmas. All that is left is our tree, which we'll get in a week or two (we always buy a real one). There sure is an extra cosiness to the house, with the holiday decor and twinkling lights everywhere - I love it!

I have a friend, Jimmy, who works with a group called GOALS (Guysborough Options for Adaptive Living Society), which is a non-profit organization dedicated to developmentally challenged adults. Jim asked me if I'd be interested in making Christmas cards with them - of course, I said I'd LOVE to! I already volunteer with two similar groups in our community but I'd not spent any time at GOALS (which is in another community, about 40 minutes away). So off I went a few days ago, and let me tell ya, we had a terrific time together! Nobody in the group had stamped before and they not only loved it, but they all did a great job too! Everyone made two Christmas cards. I made sure to have everything pre-cut beforehand so that we just had to stamp and assemble, making the cards as easy as possible. 

I can't tell you how FULL my heart is, whenever I spend time with groups like this. My aunt belongs to a similar group back home on Vancouver Island, so these organizations are very near and dear to my heart. 

Here are the cards we made:

For this card, I simply used a layout from a sample I'd sent out in a recent newsletter. It's so quick to put together but so pretty with the simplicity of it too. Of course, a little glitter on the house and snow is perfection!

I used the "Cable Knit" embossing folder, which is retired, but I just love it. This was another quick and easy card to make, just by stamping a sentiment and glueing all the pieces together. A strip of gold foil adds a nice touch too.

Supply List:

Enjoy the day & HAPPY STAMPING!


  1. Lovely cards for teaching. It is a beautiful thing that you do, and I really admire the work you do.

    My son works in a group home for the developmentally challenged young, and old, adults. He also hangs out with two long time private clients and enjoys taking them to the movies, hockey games, etc. So I really do understand that what you do means so much to them.

    A real tree sounds lovely. I don't have my tree up as we are in the middle of a kitchen reno--in an apartment. Where I once had a livingroom, I'm now housing bins full of dishes and kitchen cabinets. Not fun!