Friday, 7 February 2020

Surprising My Dad for his 70th Birthday!

Hi Friends! I thought I'd share a bit of my week with you. Last Wednesday I drove to Halifax and early Thursday morning I flew to my hometown of Comox, on Vancouver Island. My dad was turning 70 on January 31st and unbeknownst to my dad, his wife Shannon and I had been planning a surprise birthday party for him for months! My BFF Hedi picked me up at the airport then hid me out at her house. On Friday, the day of dad's party, I got to "The Griffin", our favourite local pub, to decorate and greet over forty guests! I also made three large photo boards that everyone LOVED looking at throughout the night. Lots of memories on those boards!

Once Shannon sent me a text that she and Dad were on route, with Dad thinking it was just an evening of dinner with a few friends, I hid in the pub's bathroom. I didn't want to be the first person dad saw - I wanted him to first absorb the surprise of seeing all his friends and family who had come out to celebrate with him. Dad was so surprised! Here's a video clip of my Dad and Shannon arriving at the pub:

Good thing we reserved the entire left half and the upper section of the pub because our group filled it up!

My best friends, Ada and Hedi, Hedi's awesome hubby Dave, my Dad and Aunt Judy, my God-Mother. It was so good to see everyone - I must say, I do miss living so far away from them!
My Dad's work crew buddies and their wives came too! They're all just LOVELY people and think the world of dad.
So many wonderful friends and family - it meant so much to my dad to see them all there.
After about ten minutes I walked up to the table where dad was sitting. He didn't see me at first, of course not at all expecting me to be there, but when he realized I was there his jaw literally dropped, then came the tears! It was a great surprise! 

We all had a fabulous evening and it was a birthday my dad will never forget! The entire week that I was home my Dad kept saying he couldn't believe that I was there and he was also so humbled by all those who came to his party.

Quite often my Dad will fall asleep on his lazy boy chair with a blanket (and one of his cute dogs on his lap) so I decided to crochet a blanket for him as part of his birthday gift. It has been so many years since I crocheted I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed it! 

I wanted my Dad to know this blanket would be like a hug from his daughter, every time puts it on. He LOVES it! 

Oh - and my dad loved his birthday card too!

The week home went by so fast, as it always does, but it was such a great trip. I'm so happy that my Dad was totally surprised and had NO IDEA about his party or that I was coming. What fun! It's too bad my sweetie couldn't come with me, as he and my dad have a great bond together, but he stayed home to keep the wood stove burning and to take care of our fur-kids.

I flew back to Halifax on Wednesday and got home after midnight (it's a about a 2 1/2 hour drive from the airport to my house). Due to the four hour time difference, I was moving pretty slow yesterday! I wanted to make another video tutorial for you, but due to my lack of energy, I just spent the day yesterday unpacking and making a batch of soup. Today, however, I will be filming and putting in a full workday. It's so nice to be able to work from home (with my kitty snuggled in my arms as I type this). Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter too, as I'll be sending out some information today about new products coming your way (as well as some stamping inspiration too!). 

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