Sunday, 5 April 2020

French Dip in the Slow Cooker | Perfect for Stamping Days!

Hi Friends! I stepped outside of my comfort zone and filmed a second cooking video! My first one was for my overnight bread, which I shared this past summer (you can see it here). Since I posted this (and shared on my FB page) I've gotten all my friends hooked on it! I can't believe how many people have been making it, especially now, as more and more are staying home and baking their own bread.

Next to stamping, cooking (and baking) is a huge passion of mine.  Creating cooking videos though is a lot different than stamping videos. For one, due to overhead cupboards in my kitchen, I have no room on the counter to set up a tripod. This means I am holding the camera at the same time I'm filming - so that only leaves me one hand to use! LOL 

Secondly, for some reason, I am really nervous to make cooking videos. Truth be told, friends, I ALWAYS feel a little vulnerable when I post ANY video to YouTube, even after all the years I've been doing it. There's something about 'putting yourself out there' to the masses and perhaps it's the whole bit about 'being judged and criticized'. However, it's more important to me to bring a little joy into someone's world, if I'm able to, by sharing stamping, crafting and even travel and cooking videos! When I know I've inspired someone, made them smile or just brightened their day - THAT is when I know I'm doing something right. 

So on that note, if you're feeling like having an easy meal that is super delicious for your supper tonight - or any night - I'm pretty certain you'll love this French Dip as much as I do!

You can find my recipes for the French Dip, homemade hoagie rolls and oven fries here.

On my blog tomorrow I'm sharing a fun technique called "Colour Blocking" with the adorable "Welcome Easter" stamp set. Until then....

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