Wednesday, 20 May 2020

"Ornate Garden" Thank You Card

Hi Friends! I can't believe I missed posting on my blog yesterday. I blog Monday to Friday, with the odd weekend post, and it's been a LONG long time since I missed a day. However, I have a good excuse - no internet! Since May 6th, our internet service has been deteriorating and by last Wednesday, the 13th, we have had no service at all. There is only one company that provides internet to our rural area and it's not the greatest but at least it's been workable - up until this month. So I called to have a technician swing by, and they were scheduled to come last Monday. However, our internet was back to normal over the weekend, so I cancelled the service call first thing on Monday morning (May 11th). An hour after I called,our internet went down again. Since then I haven't been able to work online, aside from a few pockets of time here and there when the service was back for a few minutes - but it was brutally slow. 

At first, I was told the internet issues were due to the fact that so many people are at home, working and/or playing on their computers, which has been bogging down the internet everywhere.  So, last Tuesday I got up at 2am, made some coffee and TRIED to work online again. It wasn't much better, even with everyone else (but me) sound asleep. By 5:30am the internet was gone again. Another technician came out last Wednesday and, of course, wasn't able to find anything wrong or provide in answers. By now the panic and concern of not being able to work have really set in! 

By the way, as we only have Netflix and Amazon Prime on our TV, not having the internet also means no shows or movies. No matter; we had a great long weekend (Victoria Day) though, played Yahtzee, cut the lawn for the first time this year, and re-watched the (Jason) Bourne Trilogy on DVD.

Yet ANOTHER technician came by this past Sunday and he was FINALLY able to pinpoint our problem: a bad coil on the phone line up the road from us. Whew! Well, at least we had an answer! Said coil was to be fixed today. Said coil still hasn't been fixed. Hoping it will get sorted out by tomorrow.

Fortunately, I also found out from a friend this past weekend about a local spot where I can piggyback on their WIFI, so guess what I've been doing? Working from my car, in a parking lot, with my laptop and my coffee! That was the only way I could upload my video to YouTube this weekend. What a shocker THAT was, too. The video would have normally taken at least 3 hours to upload at home and it was done in 15 minutes! WOW! What a difference! And only a couple of minutes away - and with a company that doesn't service the homes in the same area! UGH! A tad bit frustrating lemme tell ya!

So now you have my long story about what's happenin' with my internet and why I've been so quiet on my social media, no Mystery Stampin' Hours, hardly any newsletters, etc. So cross your fingers and please say a prayer that our internet woes will be fixed tomorrow!

Ok! Let's move on to today's card, shall we?

I really like the simplicity of this card and the products from the "Ornate Garden Suite" just pull it all together! I used a combination of sentiments from the "Ornate Thanks" stamp set, a different colour for each.

Cast of Characters:

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Enjoy the day, stay safe & HAPPY STAMPING!


  1. I hope your internet is up and running today. It can't be nice at all, especially since its your livelihood.

    Glad you could piggyback.

    This is such a cute card.

    Watching your video, you inspired me to make your cards and I bought the SU download from your link. Totally the best sentiments.

  2. you are very resourceful concerning the internet...I like the way you stamped the sentiments in different colors. Adds interest