Monday, 11 May 2020

Painting a Birdhouse!

Hi Friends! I hope you had a nice weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms too! Today I'm sharing a non-stamping project with you and instead I've got something a little different for you.

Years ago, and I mean YEARS, I used to paint a lot of birdhouses. I had taken a tole painting class and just LOVED it! I find painting so relaxing and, like stamping, I'd get in the 'zone' and hours would pass in the blink of an eye. Here are a few photos of my birdhouse from that first paint class (in 1996):

I used to love painting these (Russian?) flowers. Unfortunately, I no longer have the pattern for these flowers and while I am pretty sure I can still paint them, I decided to not attempt it on the birdhouse I painted this weekend. If I mucked up, I wouldn't have time to fix it and have the birdhouse ready to give on Mother's Day. I must say, I am just kicking myself for not keeping my painting books and patterns! I actually got pretty darn good at painting and I was VERY addicted to it. Along with the birdhouses, I painted everything from mailboxes with country farm scenes, bar stools with orcas and sailboats on the sea, you name it! 

Eventually, my painting slipped to the sidelines and I haven't picked up a paintbrush in about 15 (maybe 20?) years. However, I knew I wanted to paint a birdhouse for my BF's mom for Mother's Day. So my honey built a birdhouse, using the one I still had, as a template (from my first tole painting class all those years ago). I must say, for his first birdhouse, he did a fabulous job! This past weekend I pulled out my brushes and paints and went to work. I no longer had any of my painting books or patterns for reference, but somehow, I managed to pull it off! 

I had so much FUN painting this birdhouse! As always, I did lose track of time, but I knew I had to take a break at 10pm on Saturday when I accidentally drank from the mug with the paint water, instead of my cup of tea! Too tired! So I toddled of to bed and finished painting the birdhouse yesterday, got it varnished and wrapped up to deliver late in the afternoon. To say it was well-received is an understatement! YAY!

Here are some photos of my finished birdhouse. Remember, I've not painted for YEARS so it's not perfect by any means, but perfection is over-rated, right? LOL It was a real pleasure to paint it this weekend and I may have to pick up my paintbrushes a bit more, just for fun. 

 I'm so happy that my BF's mom loved her birdhouse and we're going to attach it to a post in her beautiful garden (photo below). Hopefully, a little family of chickadees will move in!

Tomorrow I'll be sharing a bit about Stampin' Up!'s COVID-19 Giveback promotion and on Wednesday it's another round of our "Around the World" Blog Hop with lots of amazing inspiration from demonstrations in EVERY time zone! 

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  1. The birdhouse is gorgeous! It will be so eye-catching and beautiful in your BF's mom's garden! I love the bright colors. My grandfather made each of the great-grandchildren a birdhouse years ago and my daughters painted theirs and they still sit in our tree (weathered but still a wonderful memory). I loved seeing what you did.

  2. You are such a professional. I love the birdhouse you did mor MIL. Although you didn't paint the Russian flowers, it looks fabulous. Like you, I'm sorry I do not have the hoards of books and patterns I had. TP was very popular out eat, but when I moved here--nothing. Boo.

    Over the last two years an artist came to a lady's house in town and taught a variety of painting classes in a two hour span. I painted a rendition of Van Gough and when I got home, I painted four more and gave them away.