Wednesday, 28 October 2020

Quick Card with "Walk in the Woods"

Hi Friends! Last week I made a card for a special friend and I loved it so much I made a video for it. It's just a simple card - nothing that I think would generate a WOW - but I don't believe every card we make needs to be. Sometimes just nice, simple cards, with our stamps, ink and paper, are perfect cards to make. However, I WILL say that this card was made with a LOT of LOVE and in my opinion, THAT is what is IMPORTANT, don't you think? So let me tell the story behind this card....

Last winter, when our world started to flip upside down, I debated buying my vegetable seeds early, even though I knew I wouldn't need them for a few months. However, the owner of the garden store assured me that they had TONS of seeds coming in order and that I needn't worry. Well, guess what? EVERYONE was planning a garden this past year and by the time March rolled around it was very hard and near impossible to find seeds. I couldn't believe it (and I kicked myself for not buying them sooner, as I had originally planned). 

During a phone call with my Dad, who lives on Vancouver Island, I told him about the seeds and that I was starting to panic that I wouldn't get my garden in, as I do every year. Two weeks later I received a mysterious parcel in the mail chock FULL of seed packets! There were two packets for every vegetable - carrots, beets, lettuce, swiss chard, kale, three different kinds of beans, peas, corn, cucumbers, squashes, you name it! Turns out that during a coffee with Ray, my dad's life-long friend and neighbour (whom I adore) Dad had told Ray about my veggie situation. My Dad was going to get me some seeds, but Ray beat him to it and had my package in the mail the very next day! How NICE is THAT? I called Ray to thank him and being the kind (and stubborn) man that he is, he wouldn't let me pay for the seeds, much less the postage cost.

My garden, planted and sprouted in early spring.
Here's a photo of my garden early this Spring. 

So many veggies growing!

My zucchini plants were awesome. Personally, I am not one who complains about having too much zucchini because I love it AND I was able to make tons of my favourite salsa with it too. Click the recipe tab at the top of this page if you're interested in how to make this yummy salsa.

Nothing went to waste;  if not eaten fresh then it was canned. Even my rosemary, sage, thyme and cayenne peppers were dried in my dehydrator and placed into jars for the winter months. 

Picture from last month - I've got everything covered up and protected from the nightly frost! Our garden looks very empty today though - there's nothing left but kale and swiss chard!

Here it is October 28th, and we're literally JUST finishing the veggies from our garden. BTW - those tomatoes were picked about a month ago. I layered all my green tomatoes on newspapers in a box and keep them in a dark cool place (our garage). As they start ripening I bring them inside. I've been making pizza sauce with this batch, and putting it all in the freezer so that we can enjoy it during the winter months. FYI - we have SNOW in the forecast for this weekend, so this year's garden was timed PERFECTLY!

Thanks to Ray, I had a SPECTACULAR garden this year and my shelves are full with the canning to prove it. In fact, I'm STILL picking swiss chard from the garden and I just pulled out the last of my beets! 

Last week I sent a parcel back to Ray, filled with jars of my canned vegetables - pickled beets, pickled onions, my zucchini salsa, green tomato marmalade and bread and butter pickles. If I wasn't living across the country, Ray would have gotten a LOT more! LOL Then I made the card that I'm sharing with you today and tucked it into Ray's gift of goodies. Well, lemme tell ya, Ray was so surprised and absolutely delighted! So there my friends, is my story behind today's card!

I hope you enjoy the video:

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  1. How very nice of Ray, and such a nice surprise for you. I chuckled when you said this wasn't a wow card. It is to me. Those colours are absolutely fabulous. I'm going to check out your video. It's funny, I posted a TJ card on social media this week and it was a big hit. One of my biggest for the Christmas season. Where I thought I made a wow card, I got few comments. This particular card almost hit the garbage, and it had the largest comments and likes. Sheesh. Anyways, off to view your video.