Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Beginner Stamper Christmas Cards with "Still Scenes"

Hi Friends! Last week I spoke with a new friend of mine, Annie, who had just received her Starter Kit. Annie had NEVER stamped before and I wanted to make sure she knew how to use her new supplies. Annie told me that she watched one of my videos and this was the card she chose for her inspiration:


After Annie shared with me some of the items that she had ordered in her Starter Kit, I pulled out the same supplies on my end:

Annie isn't on Facebook - and we didn't have time to set up a zoom, as she was home on her lunch hour - so I walked her through the steps of how to make a basic card via a phone call. It was almost like my 'Mystery Stamping Hour' LOL We had a lot of fun. 

Here's the first card we made together...

Simple but sweet, right? It was so much FUN to not only share the art of stamping ON THE PHONE, but to also experience the joy that Annie felt as she made a card for the very first time! Just stamps, ink and paper - you can never go wrong with simple stamping! We also used two of the ink spots on the sentiment, which is a great way to incorporate more colour on the card.

Here are a few more card ideas I made to show Annie, all using the supplies I know she has, to give her some more inspiration:

Yes, yes, I know. VERY crooked. I don't even know what to say about that LOL - I wasn't drinking, I promise. But I wanted to hurry and put some cards together for Annie to show her what she can do with the Stampin' Up! products she purchased. I will fix this card when I have a chance so that it doesn't look like the snowglobe is about to topple off the page..... (ahem). Keepin' it real, friends. Keepin' it real. But it's a cute card, no?

I love this card - quick, easy, few supplies, but who wouldn't LOVE getting a special card like this for Christmas?

After making her first card Annie felt confident enough to start stamping and making more cards on her own. I just know she's going to LOVE this new hobby! 


  • All online orders will receive a hand-stamped card in the mail (as long as I have your mailing address) and 12 stamping tutorials will be emailed to you as a token of my appreciation for your order! Please note: these tutorials are emailed out approx. the 15th of each month.
  • At the end of each month, everyone who ordered with me has their name put in a draw for a free stamp set of their choice! The winner is chosen via random.org. Your name is entered for every order placed during the month (ie: two orders= two entries

 Simply enter this month's special host code prior to submitting your order through my website:

If your order is $200 or more DO NOT enter the host code so that you will also receive your stamping rewards -  I will still send you the PDF tutorials.


"Dove of Hope" Online Class
TEN cards!

Yesterday I mentioned that I was working on a new video that I had hoped to have up on my YouTube channel by the end of the day. Unfortunately, my editing program not only died, BUT I lost over six hours of editing work. Holey moley. Today I will be starting over, using another computer, with a newer editing program, so stand by - this video IS coming! It's only taken me four days so far, but HEY! These cards are so much fun AND this is also a very special video with a surprise - I can't wait to share it with you. xoxo

Enjoy the day & HAPPY STAMPING!

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