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Our Starter Kit has always been the BEST DEAL, especially when you "Want it all!" and have a long wish list. 

Once you get the starter kit you never have to pay full price on your orders again because you'll also get discounts and lots of perks and benefits. 

Don't want to be a demonstrator but you DO want the discounts? You can do that too! 
It is very common for people to buy our starter kit just because they want the great deal and savings. Having classes, parties and selling is NOT required UNLESS you WANT to.  Whether for hobby or business, I'd love to welcome YOU into my Serene Stampers community too - scroll down to read more....
Our Starter Kit is completely customizable. 
Build it your way! 
For just $135 CDN you get:

* Your choice of up to $165 worth of any current Stampin' Up! products

* A business supply pack valued at $60

* 5 Packages of 6" x 6" Designer Series Paper valued at $78 (offer valid January 5-February 28, 2021)

* Stampin' Up! covers the shipping and tax for you!

**Please note: Prices are in CANADIAN dollars.

  • Once you purchase the kit, you'll instantly receive your 20% discount on all future orders too - why pay full price for Stampin' Up! products when you don't have to?

Become a member of Stampin' Up and my community, called the Serene Stampers, with the purchase of the Stampin' Up starter kit. 

Yes, you become a "Stampin' Up! Demonstrator" with the purchase of the starter kit BUT it's up to you if you want to take advantage of the business opportunity, or just enjoy the demo discount and perks, or just get your kit to save money and get a great deal.

Members in our group are located all across Canada - some are hobby stampers as well as business-minded stampers, and we welcome everyone!  

There are many perks to being part of Stampin' Up:
  • Ongoing 20% discount off all of your orders (and the ability to increase that)
  • Earn additional income of up to another 18% of your sales
  • VIP access to new product releases and pre-order before they hit the streets
  • Earn free stamps with various promotions
  • Qualify for cash bonuses, product rewards, incentive trips and more
Plus, as a part of our community - the Serene Stampers - you get extra special perks. I am passionate about this group and helping you achieve your goals from learning new stamping techniques or building a successful business!  Here are just a few of the benefits:
  • Monthly Stamp n' Share Gatherings with stamping and sharing, in person and on Facebook for our long-distance friends!
  • Serene Stampers Facebook Group
  • Mystery Stamping Hour
  • Prize Patrols
  • Gifts and surprises
  • Happy mail for birthdays and other celebrations
  • One on one training and career development for business-minded stampers
Click here to get your kit & be a part of our group! 

Whether you want to purchase the Starter Kit to save money on your hobby OR if you want to make some extra income and start a business, I welcome you all!

When you buy the starter kit you instantly become a member of my Serene Stampers community. There is no pressure to participate, but you'll have access to projects, inspiration, creative challenges, resources, our monthly Stampin' Share and Mystery Stamping Hour as well as quarterly virtual parties, prizes and more!

Members in my group are of all ages and live all across Canada. I also offer business training for those who want it, as it is my passion to help you succeed in all that you hope for with your Stampin' Up! business.

Here are what some members of my Serene Stampers community are saying:

"The discount is allowing me to build my stamping collection so I can offer clients more samples of our products. I have connected with so many other demonstrators. Tina offers great tips for classes, etc. When I retire I want to increase my business so being a demonstrator has opened my eyes to a whole new side of the Stampin Up business." ~ Judith, Nova Scotia

"When I purchased the starter kit I wasn’t aware of all the benefits of being a demonstrator. Or of all the amazing friends I would meet. Having Tina as a leader and the fellow demonstrators that are a part of the group are some of the things I love about our Serene Stampers group. The meetings and sharing ideas are wonderful!" ~ Karen, New Brunswick

"I bought the Starter Kit because of the good deal. I just want to start slow and play with my Stampin' Up! products. One of the things I love about our Serene Stampers group is how nice everyone is to each other. Tina goes way above and beyond anything I would’ve expected. All the little tips she gives me and the encouragement, even gifts and the lovely notes she sends - Tina is amazing!!" ~ Julia, British Columbia

"The quality of the Stampin' Up! products and price of the Starter Kit is why I bought it. Since becoming a demonstrator I have loved the ideas and enthusiasm that is shared between Tina and our Serene Stampers team. I also love the opportunity to share creativity with others. I always appreciate Tina's patience and knowledge and I feel so appreciated...when Tina says "thank you for being a part of my team" she means it!" ~ Heather, Ontario

"I have been a demonstrator for one year and I bought the Starter Kit for the discount. I now enjoy sharing the love of Stampin Up! with friends and family.  Being able to share my love for Paper crafting and being able to meet like-minded people and share that love with them...along with making friendships and sharing ideas are some of the things I love about being a Stampin' Up! demonstrator. I also love the camaraderie of our Serene Stampers Facebook group...even though I have only met a person or two, it feels like we all know each other." ~ Sherry, New Brunswick

"I decided to buy the starter kit because it gave me an extra 2 free stamp sets and since it was during SAB time I got other free sets etc. which of course I love to get. I love the demonstrator discounts and all the products and the service that one gets from Stampin' Up! One of the things I love about being a part of Tina's "Serene Stampers" is because she also acknowledges  group members with cards for their birthdays and anniversaries and any other rewards and holidays!" ~ Sharon, Alberta

"Originally I bought the starter kit to get the discount but I started a monthly "splurge group" of ladies and it’s a way of getting some money back to pay for my habit. I love sharing my ideas with others.  One of the things I love most about being a part of Tina's "Serene Stampers" community is the friendship, virtual meetings and posting and supporting each other. Tina is very supportive and always wanting to help!" ~ Karen, Saskatchewan 

"I joined Stampin' Up! a little over a year ago and I bought the kit because I do bi-weekly art therapy group at my local women’s shelter and I wanted to be able to buy quality products. The first thing that drew me into it was that Stampin' Up! had a lot of products translated in French and is the only company that sells them.  In the beginning, it was only for the group to be able to buy the supply at a lower cost but people around me started to notice and have started to buy from me. I love sharing my passion with others and making extra cash doing it.  One of the things I love about our "Serene Stampers" group is feeling part of a community of caring, creative and passionate people." ~ Laurie, Quebec

Have questions? No problem! 
I'm here to help - just give me a shout...
Happy Stamping!

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