Friday, 22 November 2019

"Playful Penguins" and a KITTEN!

Hi Friends! Before I talk about today's card, I have something to share with you!  I live out in the country, with a few farms nearby and surrounded by woods. There are also a lot of feral cats. I think it's because of the farms (with the barn cats having kittens) and also because people drop off cats and kittens around here. I have nothing good to say about that, so I'll move right along. 

The area we live in is a bit rural, so we also have coyotes, bobcats and eagles - who hunt and kill the feral cats and kittens. Ugh. So when I moved here four years ago, I contacted CARMA, which is a non-profit cat rescue organization with a trap/neuter/release program. 

Through CARMA, we've had a few cats spayed/neutered (and released once they were healed - our spare room became a 'kitty nursery') and we also received an insulated cat shelter. I love knowing that this little shelter, filled with straw, keeps a cat or two warm and safe at night (and most especially, during winter!). I've also taken cats and kittens to the SPCA where they were adopted and I've given kittens away to good homes with friends too. A neighbour caught a kitty a couple of years ago and showed up at our door with it. We kept it. That was Romeo. So we now had four furkids - two cats and two dogs. Well, my friends, it looks like we're adding a fifth furbaby to our tribe! 

So here's the story. On Wednesday I took Rosey and Cooper outside to play ball and let them do their business. While we were outside I heard a little bird, in a distance, with a steady little 'chirp'. Not thinking too much about it, back inside we went. 

Around 4:30pm, just as it was beginning to get dark out, I once again took Rosey and Cooper outside so they could have a little pee. I heard the same bird. This time I noticed because normally birds don't chirp at night. Then it occurred to me that this may not be a bird - as it sounded a bit more like a meow. So I walked around the property, trying to determine where exactly the noise was coming from, but then it would be quiet. I stayed outside for a bit, looking through the trees and bushes. Nothing. Back inside we went. 

9:30pm - dogs last time for a pee before bed. THIS time when I heard the noise I KNEW it was a KITTEN! So I put Rosey and Cooper back in the house, slipped on my gumboots, grabbed the flashlight and went looking. It was now super dark outside, cold and rainy. Well, I searched and searched. The meowing was really sporadic and not close to the house. I looked everywhere. Down by the creek, in the bushes, near the road and no luck. 

When finally I heard the little cry again, I spoke to it, "Where are you, little guy?". The cry got louder. I followed the sound down the dark, dirt road. "I know you're out there somewhere...". Another loud "MEOW" in reply. Each time I spoke, the meow became louder and more intense. Finally, I crouched down, with my flashlight beaming up the road, in the direction of the meowing. All of a sudden, I saw two little eyes glowing in the beam of light, and those little eyes were getting closer. In fact, this little creature was now running at full sped towards me. "Oh Lord," I thought, "please don't let this be a skunk!" Because you just never know - they live around our house too! Next thing I knew, there was an itty-bitty ADORABLE kitten right in front off me! 

I picked up this brave, yet scared, cold and hungry furball and promptly brought it back to the house. Once inside, I could see it was indeed very skinny but no scratches or injuries. I put the kitty in our spare room with kitty litter, water and a small bowl of soft cat food - which it devoured. From the time I picked up this kitty on the road to now - it won't leave my side, it's constantly purring and snuggling. 

This kitty is a huge LOVE BUG! I kept him in the spare room until yesterday afternoon and then let Rosey and Cooper in so they could check each other out - they all became immediate friends! Animals are so amazing! 

Lewis and Romeo, however, are still in the 'hissing' phase, which I know will only be temporary. So while Brian doesn't want three cats (despite being a cat lover, he seems quite adamant about it), I'm hoping to change his mind. The kitty was getting a lot of cuddles from Brian last night and I can tell he really likes him.

This little kitty doesn't have a feral streak in him whatsoever. It is sooo friendly and loving. I've asked around with my neighbours and this kitty doesn't belong to them. I'm already completely head-over-heels in LOVE with this furball and hope to keep him. I grew up with three cats, two dogs, two rabbits and two hamsters. So having three cats and two dogs is a cinch for me! Besides, what's the difference between two cats, versus three? Just a little more food, right? 

Yesterday I went to the vet and got the de-wormer, ear-mites/flea prescription for the kitty - though I haven't seen any sign of fleas or flea dirt or anything! 

Right now, kitty (who shall remain nameless until we decide to keep him or find a good home elsewhere) is snuggled up in my arms, as I've been typing this....

Oh my goodness, I'm just smitten with this kitten! I'll keep you posted on what happens with him - but I have a feeling we'll be keeping this cutie!

Ok - let's get back to stamping, shall we? Here is one of the cards we made at my "All Occasion Card Class" this past Tuesday:

This is an easy thank you card, using the "Playful Penguins" stamp set. As it was an "All Occasion Card Class", my stampers had the option to use any sentiment they wished. I used the "Thank You Kindly" from the "Enjoy Life" stamp set - but I also used the "Merry Wishes" from the penguin set on the card as I demonstrated it in the class. 

Tomorrow I'll share the third and final card we made at the class (I shared the first card on yesterday's post). 

Supply List:

Enjoy the day & HAPPY STAMPING!


  1. What a heartwarming kitty story !! That kitty choose you and is destined to be in your family. 7 or 8 years ago we had seen an adult feral cat around our home who you couldn't even look at and it would run. One very cold Maine evening it came to our porch door full of ice. Kitty has been a loving house cat ever since. I know someone up above directs them to us.

    1. Hi Sandy. You're so right - this little kitty was absolutely meant to be with us. We just love him to bits and he's so sweet. I have no doubt Divine Intervention brought him to us! xx

    2. Sandy - I love your kitty story. So glad it came to you and it has a good home now. We have quite a few feral cats. I have an insulted cat shelter with straw at the edge of our property. In the winter months I put out food and water too. xx