Friday, 20 March 2020

Interactive Gel Card Technique | Add the Look & Texture of Water! VIDEO

Hi Friends! Did you know that you can use HAIR GEL to create the look and feel of water on your cards? This is a super-easy way to add a fun and interactive element to your projects. 

This is a technique that I learned YEARS ago and when I saw the new "Make a Spash" stamp set, I knew I had to combine the two!  I had a lot of fun creating this card 'on the fly' during this video and I hope you enjoy watching it!

Here's the inside of the card:

Because the little gel packet adds a bit of weight to the card, I added a couple card stock layers inside, to balance it out.

Supply List for "Make a Splash" Gel Card:

Of course, you'll also need HAIR GEL (any kind) and small clear bags with a ZIP closure for this technique!

"Seaside Notions" Gel Card
This card was super easy and quick to make, especially because I wasn't trying to line up a fishbowl! 

Here's the inside of the card:.

Supply List for "Seaside Notions" Gel Card:

Enjoy the day & HAPPY STAMPING!

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  1. Two cute cards. That seahorse is adorable. I like seahorses.